DIY Recycle craft- Make coasters from waste CDs

 So, I have made these Recycled CD coasters during this weekend. Sharing is caring so I thought sharing the DIY with my fellow crafters would be a nice idea 🙂

So, here you go:

Materials required:

Wastes CDs (2 CDs are required to make one coaster. However, you can get this done with 1 CD too)

Jute strands (get it from a hardware shop or a dollar store)

A Thick cotton fabric to cover the back of CDs

Hot Glue Gun

Pen or Pencil

How To:

I started with the CDs. FIrst of all I marked the thick cotton fabric, making the exact round shape as CD’s. I marked the outer margin of the cotton cloth and gave about 1″ margin  from all sides, using pen.

After marking, I cut the thick fabric in rond shape and then I pasted it over one surface of one CD.

I took the second CD and did repeated the same process, covering it with fabric.

Then I took the first CD and started gluing the Jute strand in spiral way with the help of hot glue gun.

After finishing the gluing of Jute, I took both the CDs together (the one covered with Jute and the other one covered with fabric). I pasted the margins (cloth) inside to give the CDs nice finish before gluing them together.

Glued both the CDs together in such a way that wrong side goes in (the side in which you can see the CD) and the right side is on the outer surfaces (the ones covered with Jute and the fabric).

The CD coasters are ready.


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